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Regarding health and career

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I am preparing for govt bank exams but not getting expected result.moreover frequently I am facing health issues also.
Kindly suggest me suitable gemstone for career and health and mantra remedies .further plss tell me upto when I will be able to clear exam.

posted Sep 11 by Parth Kapil

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D.o.b -31/08/1993
Place-deoband ,-Uttarpradesh

7 Answers

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Neelam is best for you it will help you in job and in health remember that I am recommending it on the base of nadi astrology and my opinion may differ from parashar astrology but I sure that neelam will definitely help you

answer Sep 12 by Anil Shrivastava
How much ratti neelam or can I use neeli also .
Nadi astrology is related to thumb impression tell me if m wrong
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No it is not thumb impression system it is stellar system of astrology

answer Sep 12 by Anil Shrivastava
Ok thanku and plss tell me the weight of stone I should buy and metal which should be used with neelam
In panch dhatu sava 5 ratti
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पार्थ जी, आपकी काबिलियत पर कोई शक नही है पर कहीं न कही आप अभी भी दिल लगा कर कोशिश नही कर रहे। सुस्ती का त्याग कर देंगे तो पक्का सफलता मिलेगी। अपने पढ़ाई के स्थान और सोने के स्थान को अलग करें। ब्लैक कॉफी पिया करे तककि नींद ना आए और अलर्ट रहे तैयारी के समय। अगले महीने से सफलता का समय शुरू हो रहा है अक्टूबर से ,पर कोई सिफारिश नही लगेगी, मेहनत ही नतीजा देगी। March 2019 में आप अपनी कुर्सी पर होंगे।एक जरकन या रेशमी सफेद कपड़ा अपने पास रखें पूरे मन से तैयारी ओर एटेम्पट होगा सफलता के साथ। best of luck.

answer Sep 17 by Narender Ratusaria
Sir mere pass opal ha chandi me ha vo phen sakta Hu kya or sath me neeli bhi phen sakta Hu ya nhi .
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Yes you can wear opel but the bitter fact is that 99 percent of opel is only immitaion. Not real. We the people make fool of you by giving fake opel. Neeli is also made of glass. Better to keep one silky white cloth with you. Although opel is good for you if it is certified.

answer Sep 17 by Narender Ratusaria
On which finger I should wear opal
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Actually opel is for Venus, and in palmistry venus mount is near to thumb, but in our country people do not wear the ring in thumb, so its friend finger is saturn finger and that is Middle finger, so you can wear in your middle finger.

answer Sep 20 by Narender Ratusaria
I am wearing neeli in middle that's the main issue
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There is no use of so much stone , this only make us superstitious and we start believing on luck and do not hard work. Better do hard work, neeli or opel do not work because they are not real natural stone so will not effect. I sorry for harsh reply. God bless you

answer Sep 20 by Narender Ratusaria
That what I want to hear from any person .thanks for being honest atleast.hardwork is the only key this is what is right rest all things is just fake
Thanku at last someone is genuine
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It is true that hard work is the key and no body can denied it but take an example two person going on bicycle to same destination one is provided lever road and another one on metal road (with only earth work) so second one who is on metal road despite of very hard work cannot reach to destination before first one the same thing happens with the man who is with lucy stone and lastly if silk hancarechief can work than any stone can work.

answer Sep 30 by Anil Shrivastava
Sir with due respect I want to know that why I m facing lot of health issues and if one is not healthy how one will be able to concentrate .now my guru Dasha is going on but my point is it is in Kendra then why I m facing issues
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