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posted Sep 18 by anonymous

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3 Answers

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Please note

Cancer Ascendant
Benefic planets – The Moon and Mars
Malefic planets – Mercury and Saturn
Neutral planet – The Sun, Venus, and Jupiter

But for Moon, The Sun and Mercury are the friendly planets and others are Neutral to moon.

by compare with other ascendant the cancer ascendant is unique one.

answer Sep 26 by Rajendraprasad N P Chaitanya
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Dear Mr. Anonymous, i am confused reading ur question. What do u wanna know exactly?
The best auspicious yoga for the ascendant cancer is Ruchak yoga.
If you wanna learn astrology contact with me.

answer Sep 30 by Vaswati Baksiddha
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Daily approx 24000 people take birth in kark lagna around the world, and the fact is that they have different future due to so many reasons, so only by knowing that a person took birth in Kark lagna, does not mean good or bad. Only after complete analysis of a chart, the future of a person can be predicted. Although this is true that Kark lagna birth is better than other lagna.

answer Oct 2 by Narender Ratusaria
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