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Effect of Gemstones_ Consultation with Periwal ji

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I consulted periwal ji in Nov 2017 where he denied recommending di g any gemstone. However,other consultants suggested Neelam and Panna. While I took all the precaution for Neelam still it showed color at 6th month and I lost 20lakhs in Stock market in single day.
Now,I am not sure whether astrologers can actually predict anything or analyze why did it Happen??
DOB : 13 DEC 1984 ,04:30 AM ,Jaipur -rajasthan

posted Jan 3 by anonymous

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3 Answers

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Panna is not good for you
Neelam is good
For more detail call

answer Jan 4 by Ishwer Dutt
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if i had not suggest gem stone .why you wear . call me

answer Jan 4 by Rakesh Periwal
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Either your birth details are incorrect or your birth time needs a correction otherwise there is no role of neelam indicated in your loss.
For detail call me I am from jaipur you can visit me mobile 6375765025

answer Jan 18 by Anil Shrivastava
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