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Job preparation

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I had completed my B. Tech 2017 I am preparing for Government exam is there any chance of getting job in 2019 is my kundali is favourable?
DOB 25/04/1994
TIME 05:55 AM

posted Jan 7 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Dear person, as your horoscope you will get govt job , try your best , horoscope is good, you can talk with astrologer directly use call now option from website , get full reading , thanks

answer Jan 7 by Rakesh Periwal
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First of all ..thank u so much for all astrologers guru for nice platecor develop for astrology consultation and needy people help point of view
Pls guide me about my carrier in.govt sec .i m.prepare govt sec bit noy get success
Time-5:05 am
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Iam RAKESH ACTUALLY I HAD COMPLETED MY B TECH 2017 I WANT PREPARE FOR CIVIL SERVICE EXAM Is there any chance of government job in my kundali I asked some astrology some said it is there some said it take time I'm in confused state what to prepare I done my in civil engineering is there government job?
Nizamabad TELANGANA.

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Dob : 29 april 1993
Place: chandigarh
Time: 22:16

Completed engineering last year

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