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Sir ,I am suffering in my career life ,will I able to get a secure job in my life,will I earn good money in my life?

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Name - Joydeep Das
Date of birth -01/01/1998
Place of birth- Sonapur Rewa NC Assam India
Time of birth - 10:10 AM

posted Jan 9 by Joydeep

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2 Answers

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Joydeep u r only 20. Don't give up hopes. Finish your education first then think about carrier.
Best of luck.

answer Jan 11 by Vaswati Baksiddha
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Dear one , as per horoscope you have good scope in finance,bank, accounts and business, you should get education in commerce field or information technology , you will get very career , for detail consultation, login in website and talk with astrologer

answer Jan 13 by Rakesh Periwal
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