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Will i able to go back to my previous company or can get new good job

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I am trying to go back to my previous company but there is lot of delay. Right now i am working in a new company joined 3 days back and some how i am not able to adjust here due to work assigned.

I am really going on tough and bad time as per career. Please suggest me few remedies too.

Please suggest me which way is better.#career

  1. Be in recently joined company
  2. Try for previous company till they call me
  3. Try for new job

Birth details: 27/05/78 ; time:10:10am: velluru, Andhra Pradesh

posted Feb 22 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Be remain in present company it is beneficial to you

answer Mar 6 by Anil Shrivastava
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Right now i am working in a company with very low salary and they are giving no hike.i would like to try for new there any chance i can get job in new good company with good hike in near months and survive there without issues.Please advice.

DOB:17-12-1983; POB: Hyderabad(Telangana); TOB: 8:45PM

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Apr 2018 I was in Gulf will good job. Got an offer from Australia. I resigned from job, but no visa for Australia came. Now sitting in India with no job and kid with no school. I suffered losses in a business which never got off. Now am left with very little money. Have some job interviews this month, but looking difficult.

When will get a job.
When will I get some money.
When my kid get schooling back.
Will my business make some profit anytime soon?

Please help.

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Name - Joydeep Das
Date of birth -01/01/1998
Place of birth- Sonapur Rewa NC Assam India
Time of birth - 10:10 AM

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Name -Baljinder
DOB 12june 1976
TOB 8.05AM
Place of birth - Hoshiarpur Punjab India

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