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Regarding career

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Regarding job
My dob is 14/7/86 22:25 new Delhi...m preparating for government job from last few there any possibility of getting job this year after may please let me know ..any suitable period

posted Apr 17 by Swati B

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1 Answer

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You will got government job till March 2020. But there is some need of remedies, because your maximum planets are retrograde.

answer Apr 17 by Ravindra Kumar Wadhwa
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I have qualified IBPS po pre but now met with accident in which my working hand got fractured.this is not first time everytime I m that near to my goal this thing happens.i have previously asked but when will I get my goal .I have consulted many astrologers but no solution .
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I am preparing for govt bank exams but not getting expected result.moreover frequently I am facing health issues also.
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