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My name is Shivpal Rabde, I have deep interest in sprituality and mystics science. will i get success?

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birth time 10:45 am,
Place: pandhurana, Dist. Chhindwara
poorvabhadra pada-2,
currently not feeling well wanted to just do sadhana and go deep in spirituality.
Please guide me.
will be my life partner will follow same path.?

posted May 31, 2018 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Yes you get sucsess in spiritual n mystic science

answer Jul 23, 2018 by Ishwer Dutt
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Dear Shivpal

The house and house lord related to karma you want to do is well connected with Sun+Jupiter+moon.
when we look at the Atma karaka of you at D-20 chart and the Sun is association with Rahu/Ketu and Mars.
Jupiter is weak but D-20 LL well connected with supportive planets, it indicates
lot of ups and down you have to face, will be success at the age of 42nd year.

To overcome the Current disturbance situation read SRI GANESHA PANCHARATNA STOTRAM regularly.

The life partner will follow the same path, looking at your 7th lord and her association she looks like materialistic personality in initial year of your married life, later she will follow the way you are into.

God Bless You................

answer May 31, 2018 by Rajendraprasad N P Chaitanya
ThanK You Guru G
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