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Sun is the lord of solar system

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Hello , This is  Baksiddha Vaswati. It is my first audio article. A brief discussion of planet sun has been uploaded here for the learner astrologer.pls follow the link above.

best of lucl.

posted Jun 3, 2018 by Vaswati Baksiddha

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Why Lord Shiva is called The Tamas & his form is Mahakal ( in scientific manner or approach) When we say about Tamosik in the ultimate & final sense, it is not the trigunas,Satta, Raja & Tama. It’s the highest state beyond tri gunas. “Triguna rohitam Sarbodhi Sakhshivutam.” It’s the great deep, great black and the great deep is so silent; it is so of nothingness; it is so with it’s center everywhere & circumference nowhere. It’s masses infinite. It’s the great darkness whose nature is absolute light & that bcs of the incomprehensibility of the whole thing. If intensified, produces the intense of light. The great deep (Tamas) has the radiant light which conquer the death of death. That’s why Lord Shiva is Tamas, his form is Mahakal. The Krishna bibar, the dark welling mark of creation. It draws/sucking up the whole creation. If we take the example of a normal black hole in the center of it looking in naked singularity is a star which shines with indescribable light. The black hole is very nature of tamas. That’s why Shiva is called the black hole. He is the great crunch. He is the great tamas (darkness), which swallows up relativity, materialism, duality and makes it into the single black hole bcs the space time continuum break down.Satta (brahama), Vishnun(Rajas or may be Satta) Swallowed up into the tamas. After those light has been swallowed up, all light is swallowed up at the point of aggression. It is known as the event horizon. Brahma is white, satta is white; but if the light is swallowed up, then in the singularity of the super massive black hole, there is a shining star of inconceivable light, what is this light which after an infinity & intensity of compression beyond the imagination of the God’s even. Can shine for the light what must be that light. That is the light of Tamas or light of Shiva, Which is absolute darkness. Total darkness is absolute light. If at one moment time & space the sun burst of, countless sun occur.” That was scare sharp eyes to show his shadow”. Think what must be his light. Aham Nirbikalpo Nirakara Rupo, vibhutchya sarvatra sarvendriyaanam, Na Chaa Sangatan Naiva Muktir Na meyah Chidananda Rupah Shivoham Shivoham By Gurunath

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In the Solar System Cabinet the Sun is king and the most important planet. The Symbol of Sun is Circle. Circle means oneness, i.e to bring the unity to achieve the goals. The activity politics is in line  symbol of Sun. The Sun is key planet which helps the individual to involve in activities in Politics.

The Sun is Karaka for the power, courage, kings loyal favour, high status, Government, leadership, diplomatic vision, wisdom, respect, fame prosperity and moreover to service to the mankind etc


Lot of individual look for to achieve it, i.e why they seek the opportunity in political field. In this political field some people will successful in short duration of time and  some of them will take long time and someone even work hard for many years they unable to registered their name remarkably. The Sun is Significant planet in which plays a key role to decide one’s faith in political activities. Important houses for politics are 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,9th and 10th house. The self, speech, decision making & courage, people & relationship, wisdom & kingship service & competitiveness, fortune & opportunities  and ruler ship & power represented  by 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,9th and 10th houses respectively.

Addition to above the position of Sun in the horoscope decides how one can be successful in political activities. If the Sun posited in his exalted, own, moolatrikona, friendly, 6th, 9th and 10th house, own start and Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus and Scorpio signs grant the opportunity to work in political activities. The height of success in that livelihood depends on the association of the other planets in the horoscope.

To assess the position of the Sun one should considered it from lagna and Chandra in Rasi and  Bhava charts. The  Navamsa & Dashamsa charts are also to be considered.

Now Look at position of the Sun in some  of successful politician in and around the world

In Mr Jawaharlal Nehru, Mrs Indira Gandhi nad Mrs Sonia Gandhi horoscopes Sun posited in Scorpio, a friendly house and 5th house from both Ascendant.

In Mr. Narendra Modi horoscope the Sun posited in 10th house in bhava kundali which is his own house also a 10th house.

In Mr.Donald trump the Sun posited in 10th house and in his own star.

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JUPITER will direct in sign Libra on July 10th (Tuesday) at 22:46. Here I will predict some good or bad results of twelve zodiac sign accordingly.

Aries-   Jupiter is becoming direct in transit over your seventh house. This is an auspicious transit for Aries ascendant or sign. It indicates relationships and friendships but average chance of marriage bcs delay & difficulties may arise in settlement.  A suitable time for fixing marriage yet it is already settled. There may be a development of aptitude and offer of a new business. Unemployed native may get job.

Taurus- This is an unfavorable (6th) transit for Taurus sign or ascendant. Financial problem may arise. Good time for cracking interview or any treaty. You will feel a great relief as your debts start clearing.      Increase in expenditure for righteous work. Enjoy health but some people may have symptoms of asthma or allergy. The winning the legal battle.

 Gemini- Jupiter will direct over your favorable 5th House. An important house related to relations and love. Very good chance is of earning by speculation. Good news for those who were depriving by their progeny or had a long gap with them. This is the good time for cover up the gap or misunderstanding    & to improve relationships with them.    Gemini people may be blessed with new born baby.   Auspicious events in the family or other long waited desires may be fulfilled.

Cancer- Good transit is for cancer sign & ascendant. Ninth lord is in 4th. Students may do good performance at educational font .Desires of higher study or research will be fulfilled. Good chances of purchasing property, car or electrical gadgets etc. Go ahead for establish temple or install god’s idol. Family dispute or domestic unhappiness will recover. Take care of mother’s health.

Leo- Jupiter is transiting into the 3rd house Leo. Good time for communication. Personal status will enhance due to associate with people in high position. Relation with subordinate & siblings will certainly improve. Good transit for writers, communicators. Has a chance of break-up due to interference of third person.

Virgo- It is a favorable transit for Virgo sign and ascendant for their financial satisfaction. Financial status will enhance. Improvement in wealth, new relation is indicating.  Unmarried people have a good chance to find their desired spouse. Compatibility with your partner will go for better. Enjoy your relationship or love life. Family disputes may arise. Mother’s health may be a major issue.

Libra- Jupiter’s transition is moderate for this sign. 3rd and 6th lord is in ascendant. A good change is expected. There is the chance of getting success due to strong will power. Health issue will be the cause of tension. Good chance of marriage if you are still unmarried. Good transfer or favorable changes in job. Some Libra women have possibility to conceive.

Scorpio - Get ready for drainage of money although this has been going on for last one and half years.  Restrain the habit of extravagant shopping to balance your fund.  Long concrete relation may break now. This transit may not favorable for change of job or transfer. There may be delay or disputes making decision. Be careful of subordinates. Pack for pilgrimage & spend money on it or any kind of philanthropic work.  Possibility of winning award of honor.


Sagittarius- It is a very favorable transition for sagi. Good indication for enhancing personal & financial status. Jupiter is in 11th. 11 th house is consider for all around prosperities.  After a long pause (ups and downs) you will achieve your success. Students will get success in their higher studies. Some Sagi people may win the prize of honor. Jupiter’s transition is a bit relief in your sadesati.

Capricorn- You may invest in business if your original chart supports for business. Good time for purchasing land flat, car, gold etc.  You will do well at the work front. There is the chance of illicit relationship. Enjoy happy family life. Focus on your carrier to utilize this transit.

Aquarius- Jupiter’s transit is favorable for Aquarius.  Many opportunities are knocking at your door. Good changes are expected to job , promotion. Boss is now very co-operative & positive to you, hence this is the golden time to enhance your carrier by the grace of him. All doors of higher education is opened for the students bcs already they have done good performance in education for the favorable transit. Development in father’s health is observed.

Pisces- It is not a favorable transit for Pisces sign & ascendant. Frequent ups and downs will come in carrier. Transfer to a distance place or bad change in job even chance of jobless. Ultimate unhappiness is in terms of job, family life, friendship etc. Think before making big investment. Don’t go to start a new venture now. Work hard for future. Change of place is indicated.

It is a generalized prediction. The complete transition analysis should be consulted properly according to the birth chart. If a major period of Jupiter or sub period, then the result may vary. If the position of Jupiter in the birth chart is favorable or malefic then also there can be a far demarcation in the result of this transition.  The planetary position at the time of birth, dasha , ascendant, nakshatra ,should be carefully analyzed during transit prediction.

To know in details the transition of Jupiter in Libra is favorable or unfavorable for ur sign you may call me or visit my page ASTROLOGER VASWATI BAKSIDDHA.


Best of luck







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