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Do We Truly Love Only Once In Our Life?

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                      Love is that special feeling of heart, something that every individual has crossed path. The most precious gift of God, love and romance has never failed to cast its magical spell over the individual. This very feeling of heart captures each beat of romance in the most fascinating way thus leaving one dumbstruck while expressing it.                                                                                
                      The feeling of love carries an aura with it that charms and entices people in the most magical way. Romance is that feeling of heart that keeps the love clock ticking. Re-ignite the passion in your love or re-kindle the flame of love with romance.
                       Please provide details i.e  Date of birth , time and place of birth. On the basis of details i can guide you according to your planetary position.
                      Good luck!
posted Aug 13, 2017 by R K Shridhar

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1 Answer

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Everything is depend on the horoscope. We all r appeared in this world to suffer our past deed. According to our past sin & virtue horoscope is composed & the results of the past deed will be effective through dasha.
Hence good/bad experience of love life also depends on the related planets & Vaba of love.

answer Aug 1, 2018 by Vaswati Baksiddha
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