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Please tell me why wife's health is not good all the time and how is her future?plz give some remedies also.

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posted Sep 10, 2018 by Ankit Keshre

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2 Answers

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Your wife is now running Shani dasa, Shani is her 6th cusp and 8th cusp lord, analysis through K.P.System of Astrology.

Defect in the human system seen through 12th cusp/12th bhava
Shani involved, Mars, Chandra, Ketu involved
Ketu represents Chandra and Buddha, and in disease sign, but in Sinha bhava.

She can have neurosis, neurological issue, Motility issue in Gastric region, she could be feeling lethargic after hard work????
She is prone to have respiratory issues or Panting???,
Potential blood pressure can set in immediately or she has already have????

Does she have pain in the legs during walking??? Check her status for Thyroid and other hormone levels???
Rule out any auto-immune disorder.

Question marked items, responses from you, than I will respond.

She has more than one health issues. Nothing connected to comparability of horoscope.

One has to be scientific and rationale during evaluation of horoscope, and in scientific way.

answer Sep 20, 2018 by Kannan Chidambaram
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I examined the horoscope of your wife there is nothing wrong at physical level in fact there is some thing wrong on your mutual comparability so explore it to solve and she will be alright

answer Sep 13, 2018 by Anil Shrivastava
Ok sir thanks
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Name : rajeshwari
Dob : 28/06/1967
Time : 5:30 AM
Place : yellandu, telangana

Anyone please predict my mother exact health problem.. And help how to resolve the problem please
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