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thank you each and everyone

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Thank you

posted Sep 11, 2018 by Abhijeet Khade

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3 Answers

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7th cusp in Sravanna nakshatra and in sub of Shani.
Shani in 7th bhavanti, though in 8th in nirayana rasi.. Late Marriage, and Marriage is promised in your chart.

You are running Shukra dasa, 11th cusp lord.
And you will have relationships, couple of will break, and finally Love marriage.

You will get married during Shukra dasa Rahu Bhukti Shani Antara Ravi Sookshma November/, December 2023, when Gochara Shani in your natal chart, 7th bhava.

All the Best.

answer Sep 20, 2018 by Kannan Chidambaram
Kannan chidambaram, Thank you so much .I do believe this.Ve-Ra dasha.
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Love marriage in 2019 in march

answer Dec 11, 2018 by Ishwer Dutt
No way ishwer dutt sir in March's 100% not true in March 2019.not even next to next failed as an astrologer sir.sorry..
You may call me to pridict
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In my opinion parashar and jamini both are very authenticated system of astrology but no one can predict your expect time of marriage .
I am follower of nadi astrology who can tell you nearly specific date of any event of human life

answer Sep 12, 2018 by Anil Shrivastava
Jaimini and parashra predict events so correct.i dont know about nadi much .but jaimini n parashra r pretty much accurate
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