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Will i go abroad for higher studies in 2019?? My dob. Is 24 november,1998 time,8.30am,place rajpura,punjab

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It's urgent pls tell as quickly as possible and also tell about my settlement there?? And what kind of profession is suitable for me

posted Oct 23, 2018 by Janish

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3 Answers

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Dear Janish, your horoscope showing you are from very good family , you will be famous person in life , for higher education i suggest you should be expert in computer software , rahu in 10th house showing you can be very good in information technology , for detail consultation kindly use book now option in profile link , you will get complete advice

answer Nov 3, 2018 by Rakesh Periwal
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किसी भी तरह की कोई पर्सनल प्रॉब्लम को डिसकस करने के लिए आप मेरी ओर से दिया गया गिफ्ट CODE FS - 140 यूज करें आपको सरप्राइज गिफ्ट मनी आपके वॉलेट में मिले 150 रू आपको मिलेंगे और आप मुझसे कुंडली और कॉल पर डिस्कस कर सकते हैं

answer Apr 16, 2020 by Vaswati Baksiddha
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According your date of birth and time your ascending sign scorpio and moon sign is makara ,here for higher studies 9th lord moon posited in chara rasi and in posited in uttar ashara star the owner of sun and sun is your 10th lord with conjoint with your 12 th lord venus yes it is good connection and also planatory transit permit this you must going abroad for higher studies rahu mer and sun shows computer and information science good luck

answer Apr 17, 2020 by Astrologer Ujjwal Sastri
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