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सरकारी नौकरी की तलाश में हूं संघर्ष लम्बा हो गया है मिलेगी या नहीं और यदि हां तो कब तक

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posted Feb 3, 2019 by Vishvnath Kaushik

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6 Answers

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Possiblity in 6.7.8 month for govt job.
For more query call

answer Feb 3, 2019 by Ishwer Dutt
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Viswanath you are only 23. Why are you becoming frustrated. Don't give up hopes.

If you are serious about ur career contact over phn to know what's the reason of your obstacle.

answer Sep 10, 2019 by Vaswati Baksiddha
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Placement of strong surya and jupiter must for us nd discuss ur kundli

answer Sep 10, 2019 by Deepika Maheshwary
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answer Jun 13, 2021 by Rakesh Periwal
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Use surprise code FS497 and Get extra wallet money to call..get the answer of your all questions direct on call freely so that i can guide you properly.

answer Jul 6, 2021 by Deepika Maheshwary
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To know your answer pls call using code FS-140 to get best answer. Stay blessed

answer Jul 10, 2021 by Vaswati Baksiddha
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