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When marriage is on the cards?

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dob - 22aug1993
time - 4.35pm
place birth- 4:35Pm
When marriage is on the cards?

posted Feb 28 by Arun Kumar

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place - naraini, banda

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Time -21:09
Karnal haryana

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I was married 3 years back, my DOB is 30-12-1988,timw.10:50 pm, balimela,odisha. ours marriage life is getting worse day by day due to quarrels and arguments. pleas tell me about the future of this marriage,

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Birth time 8.45pm
Birth place up raebareli
Birth date 30/8/1998

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Date 09 January 1994
Place Ahmednagar , Maharashtra
Time 15:25
These are my daughter's details. We have been trying to find a suitable groom but there is always some problem with the prospects. Is there late marriage? How will her husband be? Will she go out of the country since we are looking for well educated boys? She left her boyfriend a year ago. will she go back to him and marry him? Will her husband be financially well?

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