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My son bdate 12.12.2006 time 10.59pm nagpur Maha. He is suffering with scalp psorisis for last 3.5 yrs. PLS GUIDES.

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posted May 1, 2019 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Dear Sir
Your son is in Moon dasa from 05.2012 to 05.2022 and it signifyes 10,12 houses which is not good for health. Also his ascendant cusp is Saturn and linked to 8th house which is the reason for the issue. From 08.2016 he was in Saturn bukthi which is not good.
He will be ok after 05.2022 in Mars dasa. No need to worry as longevity is good for your son.

answer May 1, 2019 by Sivaramkrishnan Sudharssen
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