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Health Issues in People born in Moola Star::

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Probable problems he will be affected with are tuberculosis, eosinophilia, and paralytic attack or stomach problems. Whatever may be the nature of disease it will not be visible in his appearance or will not affect his facial expressions. Even when he is critically ill, his expression and the attraction of the face will remain as it was. Normally it is seen that the native is not in the habit of taking care of his own health. With the result, some severe health problems can be noticed in his 27th, 31st, 44th, 48th, 56th and 60th age. Once he is addicted to any drug it will be very difficult to control such addiction. Hence, he must try to avoid any intoxication material.
posted Jul 14, 2019 by Astro Bhushan Ratnakar

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The term Moola refers to the ‘root’, which is represented by a cluster of roots tied together. Moola is a term that also mentions to the ‘centre’ or the ‘innermost core’. In essence, Moola is a honest that prefers not to put off and hence is always direct, supporting the natural spirit. Sometimes Moola gets negative and terrible due to the effect of Ketu.Moola relates to the feet which can bear the weight of the entire body. Moola however also indicates non-violence and protection of that which is good. Moola Nakshatra originates under Gandmoola Nakshatra. Moola Nakshatra or Mula Nakshatra is measured as a malefic Nakshatra. All the four quarters of Moola Nakshatra are positioned in the sign Sagittarius. People have misconnection that person born in this nakshatra may bring problems for its family . But there is no need to afraid of Moola Nakshatra. According to astrology , the person born in the Moola Nakshatra is devoted, spiritual and brainy. Native can make sweet relationships with people and likes to participate in social activities, has good health and can be a good decision maker. He can achieve admiration because of his qualities and performances. He can have many friends and good at studies having interest in philosophy. He can be a scholar and a man of principles. If there is a dilemma to choose between wealth and respect, he will definitely choose respect over wealth. The native may have more interest in job than business, but the native can achieve success in both. The native prefers to use his mind instead of physical power.
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