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Soul n body n after Death

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Soul What is difference between soul n Booth? Just think between these two. Both are soul but one is satisfied soul n another one is unsatisfactory soul. That means someone accepted the death realities. N difference between body and soul. N they realised about life n after death also they are happy about death. Really what is Death? Death is we are finished our duties in this birth, doing character on this body what we want to do in present birth n that characters finished. When we were accepted this reality then we are soul. When we're not accept these all are then we are Bhooth. Just think all about this n Reply me. What is your opinion about this


Today thought
posted Sep 2, 2017 by Astro Nethravathi Valee Destiny

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These days i am flooded with queries " What is my purpose of life ?" plz see astrologically...

As per Vedic Sastras there is very clear statement - Human birth has only and only ONE purpose, to attain Moksha by reaching the stage of Atmagyani then Bhramgyani then Moksha.....

Horoscope only forsees strength, weakness, in certain areas as well as oppurtunites and failures... We can only suggest to make improvement on weaker section of life ... suggest alternate paths in help them to evolve to higher level of understanding, at mental level and spiritually...

As per Vedic astrology one can see 'Purpose of life' through status of three planets, status of Ascendent lord, Atmakarak planet and position of Jupiter as jupiter is karak of sense of purpose or Jeeva Karak..

"Life Lessons" are seen from status three planets : Rahu, Ketu and Saturn and as well as 6th and 8th lord......What one has to bear in life, where one has to have new experiences... and learn more to evolve.....

Sun and Moon is soul and body; whereas remaining planets Mars, Mer, Venus is resources either for purpose or for life lessons...Just a thought....


Best Wishes

Vijay Goel

Vedic astrologer and Vastukar.

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 Death is God’s will. It is eternal truth. We the mere human being can’t predict the exact time of death and there is no particular death line.  But there are some lines & signs mentioned in palmistry that strongly indicate the possibilities of severe health hazard, accident and even death.

Now in this article I will try discuss about a few of them which indicates sudden death in pandemic. 


If heart line runs towards Jupiter mount via Saturn mount cutting by several vertical lines, at the lower part of sun mount.

If Jupiter and Moon mount are low, less prominent with more than one inauspicious signs as black dot, grill, island etc.

If a line with black dot, island, grill etc. raising from life line enters into Jupiter mount.

If Sun & Mars mount are undeveloped, low and more than one inauspicious signs are visible on those area along with.

Note :  I should add here that those inauspicious signs must be in both hands. The effectiveness of those signs and lines will vary on the color and textures of the palm.

 Moreover the line & sign of the palm change by one’s own deed.

In the name of god


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