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Marriage depression

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My name is naziya. I am a 33 years old female but not married so far. Going through some more problems in life as well. And because of this I am in a very deep depression. When will i get married? Will i ever see happy times in life. My wait is becoming longer n longer. Why is this depression and when will it go away. Details are 9 july 1986 at 8:50 am in Peshawar Pakistan. Pls don't reply in hindi as i can't read it. Thanks beforehand

posted Jul 28, 2019 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Marriage is possible in this year, and for depression just came out from over thinking, you feel good after 5th of August

answer Jul 29, 2019 by Anuradha Kaushik
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My name is naziya. I have taken birth on 9 july 1986 at 8:50 am in Peshawar Pakistan. 33 years old right now but not married. My question is when will I get married. I am in a deep depression these days. Some times i think of ending my life. When will this depression go away. Will I ever see happy times in my life. Thanks beforehand.

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Heading ##Marriage is not fixing,,the boys my family have seen for marriage i don't like but why the reason don't know.Dob-28/01/1997 time-3 pm place-westbengal.

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