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My female friend name is Ankita. Few days ago she broked our friendship. Will she come back and we become friends again

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I have a female friend her name is Ankita. Few days ago she broked our friendship due some reason. But I want back in my life will she come back and we become best friends again.
I am single for a long time wheny girlfriend will become. How will our relationship. And her name starts with which alphabet.
Will I success in my life?

posted Jul 30, 2019 by Bipin Kumar Verma

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3 Answers

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Your relationship will convert in marriage only depends on the placement of planet in ur talk with us with ur full us or book now

answer Jul 30, 2019 by Deepika Maheshwary
Mam first honestly please tell my female friend Ankita will come back and we become best friends again.
We are just best friend and there is no relationship between us.
So I request you to tell will she come back or not. And her date of birth is 18/05/1997.
Hello bipin ji plz send your birth details on the basis of tht we can predict your relationship status with another person whether he or she is your friend so give us full details or u can call us or book now as u not comfort to ask your question here properly..we will surely guide u right way.
My name is bipin Kumar Verma
Date of birth.  29/12/1997
Birthplace   command hospital, Lucknow
Time 13:05(01:05pm)
Resident   Lucknow
In ur kundli  ur destiny house sun mooncunjuction tht called amavasya dosh in kundli...also ur moon is aasat..will give u mental 10th house mars is good but jupiter is in neech position so plz just be calm till dec 2019 after tht ur time will change...for remedies and get rid of disturbance call us or book now
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मित्र आप मेरे गिफ्ट कोड का FS1090 का उपयोग कर मुझसे 5 मिनट निशुल्क परामर्श लें सकते है।यदि आप 500 का रिचार्ज करके बात करेगे तो आप को 200 पेग की कुंडली मिलेगी।

answer Aug 31, 2020 by Pawan Kumar Pandey
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Dear bipin,

I have done your tarot reading as well as analysed your kp horoscope, please note , from april 2020 your time has improved, if she is still not back i feep she will be back in next three-four konths and if she is back i guess you are already in a relation or else very soon you are goinf to get into one .. With a window of three-four months, but remedies need to be done ... In order to kee the relationship long lasting

Please use code FS1207 for longer consultations andextra talktime.

Antariksha Dutta

answer Sep 19, 2020 by Antariksha Dutta
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