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When my life events becomes happy

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Date of birth 30/8/1998
Birth place up raebareli
Birth time 8.45 pm

posted Aug 4, 2019 by Saumya Dwivedi

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2 Answers

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जब आप आलस्य करना छोड़ेंगे तब आप के जीवन में खुशियां आएंगी |
जीवन संघर्ष से भरा है | मेहनत का ही मिलेगा | भाग्य का नहीं |

answer Aug 4, 2019 by Upasna Siag
Koshish to krte h koi upay ho to btaiye mam
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answer Aug 5, 2019 by Rakesh Periwal
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