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Five elements of planets and signs in astrology

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posted Aug 7 by Deepika Maheshwary

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The signs consecutively represent the elements fire, earth, air and water. Thus signs can be grouped according to the elements in the following manner:


Element   Sign numbers

Fire          1,5,9

Earth        2,6,10

Air           3,7,11

Water       4,8,12


These elements will be predominant in any personality which has the most number of planets in it, or the most powerful planets are placed in that element in a horoscope.

The FIERY element is separating in nature         

i)It is courageous, energetic, and active. It is assertive, enthusiastic and independent. It is dynamic, proud and enterprising. It is argumentative and self-confident. It is a leader. It is mentally sharp and quick. It is impatient of others and headstrong.

ii)It is prone to fevers, inflammation and short duration acute disorder.

iii)It is intellectually inclined to study of engineering and chooses profession that involve dealing with metals, electricity or fire.

iv)The fiery elements corresponds to the mental body.


The EARTHY element represents aggregation

i)It is involved with the material and physical world. Wealth, power, status and positions are attractive to this element. It is careful, thrifty, systematic and scientific, reserved, suspicious, practical, obstinate, slow but tenacious.

ii)It is partial to surgeons, trading, business, mining, restaurants, supply of edible goods and cloth, construction jobs, and jobs involving much time and efforts.

iii)Welfare of physical body and physical culture are within it’s field. It suffers from chronic and rheumatic disorders.

iv)The Earthy elements corresponds to physical body.


The AIRY elements represents harmony

i)It has lower vitality but high mental vigour. It is humane, refined, well behaved and sympathetic and gentle. It is artistic, imaginative and cultured and balanced. It is cheerful and interested in music and arts. It is inquisitive and tactful. It doesn’t force but convince. It is well informed and a reader.

ii)Under it’s influence the physical body will be plump and the complexion clear. There will be over-exertion leading to exhaustion and nervous breakdown.

iii) Scientists, Mathematicians, reporters, artists, accountants, lawyers, teachers etc. come within it’s purview. Those jobs which involve use of brain rather than brawn.

iv)The Airy elements corresponds to reason, the super-conscious and the higher nature of man.


The WATERY element relates to psychic

i)It is timid, accommodating, receptive and inactive. It is sentimental, contemplative, intuitive, mediumistic, impressionable and sensitive. It is changeable. It is interested in occult. It is introvert and shy.

ii)The constitution will be weak and resistance to disease will be limitedAnemia, tumors, cancerous growths, digestive disorder, disease in upper respiratory tract and gastro-urinary systems relate to this element.

iii)All jobs relate that relate to or relate to dealing with liquids and changes fall within the purview of this element. Occupations that deal with emotions (drama, theater etc.) fine fabrics and chemicals also falls within the ambit of this element.

iv)The Watery elements corresponds to feelings and emotions.




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