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Myself mrudul Buddhadeo my Dob is 21 April 2005 what is my career

posted Sep 14 by Mrudul Buddhadeo

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4 Answers

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Provide your birth details complete

answer Sep 14 by Deepika Maheshwary
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वेरी और बर्थ टाइम बर्थप्लेस इट इज ऑल नेसेसरी

answer Sep 15 by Rakesh Periwal
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When you are asking about your career we need to see e tenth house of horoscope and which planet is situated is there or or any effect of planet at 10th House also we have to check d10 chart to know about your efficiency and your skill then according to the planet position and their strength we definitely tell you which kind of career is suitable for you we have to read all kind of chart that's also

answer Sep 15 by Rakesh Periwal
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When shell I get a job.

answer Sep 17 by Abhilash Apoorv Jain
Provide ur birth details if u hvnt then u can call us we will make prashankundli
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I'm born on 13/08/1997 at 1:47pm. can I know do I have chance of getting govt job & in which year will I get married???

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I have changed multiple jobs until now. I am 27 years old living in Australia currently. I came here to do a course in IT but i am unable to study IT. I feel like i am stuck with IT and i do not want to pursue my career in IT. I am unable to understand which other career fields will suit me the most.

I do not like to do any monotonous work or go to the same place to work every day. I am unable to decide my future ad i want you to please help me.

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Name prabhjot kaur
DOB 16/04/2002
Birthplace surapur ,punjab
Time 6:00am tuesday

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Malay bera
Places _sabang,paschim Medinipur

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Name- Harmanpreet Kaur
DOB- 3-9-1996
Place of birth- Nawanshahr, Punjab, India
Time of birth- 9:30 pm

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