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I want to become a good actor, is it possible based on my horoscope? 4-10-1993 7:30am hyderabad

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4-10-1993 7:30am hyderabad
Is it possible for become a good actor based on my horoscope?

posted Oct 9, 2019 by Shivashankar Jangam

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2 Answers

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You may try...n u can get this opportunity....lucky house is very strong...9th house thn other houses....u luck vill play imp.role for ur life waise u hv skill of acting talent ....ap apni age sey boht kam dikhte hai...nd u are gd speaker n orator...for more call us

answer Oct 9, 2019 by Sandhya Singh
Bahut jldi aapko good opportunity milne wali hai....
ॐ श्री का यथा शक्ति जाप करे
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Your horoscope shows fair chance of becoming a successful actor.Start wth print modelling and slowly build your image.
Be very careful with your looks and spend maximum energy in improving the same.You will be successful .
For more in-depth analysis book an unlimited reading with me.

answer Oct 20, 2019 by Astro Rajesh Kaul Acharya
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