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Friends आज में आपके साथ शेयर करूंगी कि इस कलियुग में रेमेडी/ पूजा-पाठ काम क्यों नहीं करते।

इस कलियुग छल- प्रवंचना से भरे हुए हैं।

सब कुछ में मिलावट/ impurities.

Lets take an example..

अभी तो दामोदर ब्रत , भगवान विष्णु जी की दीपदान ऐ सब चल रहा है।

And we all know the glories of offering lamp to Lord Sri Hari during the month of Kartik.

दीपदान की main ingredient is Ghee or Sesame oil.

First we have to know is it pure?

आप दुकान में जाउँ तो हवन / पूजा-पाठ के समान अलग। और खाने की समान अलग। क्यों????

शास्त्रों में लिखा है कि घी ( clarified butter) is the most auspicious thing.

It is said pure Ghee can detoxify our body.

कभी-कभी तो हम सब खुद ही मांगते हैं पूजा-पाठ के समान दीजिए।

तो main ingredient में मिलावट आ जाए तो remedies कैसे काम करेंगे ।

अशुभ ग्रहों (नैसर्गिक) ही मिलावट और impurity के कारक । और शुभ काम में रुकावट डालने की कोशिश करना ही उसके कारकता।

So be sure about the purity of the ingredients to be used in performance.

Be blessed.

In the name of God


posted Oct 17, 2019 by Vaswati Baksiddha

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                                                    SEVEN MUKHI RUDRAKSHA BENEFITS


We all know more or less the benefits of Rudraksha .There are many types of Rudraksha beads available. But today I will write the benefits of seven mukhi  Rudraksha.  Seven mukhi rudraksha has seven natural lining on it’s face.

The ruling planet of seven faced Rudraksha is planet Saturn If anyhow Saturn is weak in horoscope, seven mukhi Rudraksha helps in removing all the negative effects created by Saturn. People who are the victim of Sadesati, Saturn Mahadasha or Dhaiya should wear seven mukhi rudrksha to make that tough period easy. Saturn is the planet of obstacle, delay,long terms diseases. As such this seven mukhi beads has ability to remove all those negativities. This bead cures long term Saturn related disease like asthma, impotency, mental stress, paralysis, and any sort of bone & muscles diseases.


The deity of if this rudraksha is Mahalaxmi, the goddess of wealth. It attracts prosperity, good fortune , new opportunities .Hence people who are suffering from monetary problem, misfortune etc immediately wear avimantrit seven mukhi rudraksha in black thread to remove all the hassles of life.

This bead is also significator of snakes, the person suffering from Kalsarpa dosha can wear seven mukhi Rudraksha to get relief from kalsarpa dosha too.

In the name of Goddess Mahalaxmi

Vaswati Baksiddha


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OM SURYAYA NAMO NAMAHA; COMMITMENT is one of the important parameter in ever individual life, it is fundamental personality every one to adopt, to overcome the COGNITIONS (PRARABDA'S) build in Body, Mind & Soul. The factor cognition in everyone, takeover their positive energy and put then in to confusion state to decide which MARGA to select to achieve their goals of life. Our Great Sages gave us a tool "JYOTHISHA" to uplift us from the day to day Cognitions to lead a Committed and Contented life. They taught us to do aradhana of "THE GOD SUN". As we know the THE GOD SUN shows the mercy on all living & non-living things everyday in all the seasons by awakening them to do their karma's as specified by supreme lord without expecting any returns in any forms. This signals us to adopt the COMMITMENT in our day to day life. Praying to THE GOD SUN, it helps awaken us to adopt the COMMITMENT to lead Conscious & Peaceful life. Some of important prayers to YHE GOD SUN are as follows Chanting Dwadasha Naama's of Surya, Surya namaskara with Argya pradhana, Chanting Surya Ashhtoththra, Chanting Surya Sahastranaama, Doing Surya Namaskara. And Many more but above are adoptable easily by everyone. JAI SURYANARAYANAYA NAMO NAMAHA
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