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kindly tell me about the looks of my future husband...i want to know how he will looks..?

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name-virpal kaur,,dob-1august 1998,,place of birth- badhni kalan(moga),,time of birth-7.15am to 8.15 am

posted Nov 21, 2019 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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As you ask about your spouse for this we are looking 7th house of the horoscope in your 7th house there is ketu situated and 7th House lord Saturn is in in 9th house most probably the person who will get marriage will having a long height and and good ID in nature there are a lot of things have to tell but it is not possible to write kindly use call now button to talk

answer Nov 26, 2019 by Rakesh Periwal
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Name-virpal kaur,,DOB-1 august1998, birth of time-7.15 am to 8.15 am,,,place of birth- badhni kalan,,(moga).

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name-virpal kaur,,,Date of birth-1 august1998,,place of birth- badhni kalan,moga(punjab),,time of birth-7.15 am to 8.15 am

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