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Life Purposes and Life lessons Astrologically.

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These days i am flooded with queries " What is my purpose of life ?" plz see astrologically...

As per Vedic Sastras there is very clear statement - Human birth has only and only ONE purpose, to attain Moksha by reaching the stage of Atmagyani then Bhramgyani then Moksha.....

Horoscope only forsees strength, weakness, in certain areas as well as oppurtunites and failures... We can only suggest to make improvement on weaker section of life ... suggest alternate paths in help them to evolve to higher level of understanding, at mental level and spiritually...

As per Vedic astrology one can see 'Purpose of life' through status of three planets, status of Ascendent lord, Atmakarak planet and position of Jupiter as jupiter is karak of sense of purpose or Jeeva Karak..

"Life Lessons" are seen from status three planets : Rahu, Ketu and Saturn and as well as 6th and 8th lord......What one has to bear in life, where one has to have new experiences... and learn more to evolve.....

Sun and Moon is soul and body; whereas remaining planets Mars, Mer, Venus is resources either for purpose or for life lessons...Just a thought....


Best Wishes

Vijay Goel

Vedic astrologer and Vastukar.

posted Dec 7, 2019 by Vijay Goel

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