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If in your birth chart, moon is in the place where there is no planet on either sides, this formation is called as Kemdrum Yoga. With this yoga if Moon is occupying the 2nd or 12th house, it is considered very inauspicious. With no planet around Moon gives him more power which can influence the native chart badly. If present then it does not make any difference. REMEDY: keep fast for 4 years on the day of Purnima.


posted May 24, 2020 by Vaswati Baksiddha

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Mars and Rahu both are malefic planets. When they are posited in a house or make relation any how this yoga is formed. This dosha gives its adverse and harmful effects in a chart. as an effect of this chart native becomes arrogant, rough in nature. even this yoga devastates the result of rajyoga in the chart. Remedy of this inauspicios dosha is .... Worship lord Hanuman & offer sindoor.
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NULLIFICATION / CALCELLTION OF KEMADRUMA YOG *What is Kemadruma Yoga? How does it Form? #Kemadruma Yoga is a very well-known Yoga of Vedic astrology formed by #Moon & it is generally stated as an inauspicious Yoga. According to #Brihat Jatakam this yoga is formed, when there is no planet in both sides of the Moon in a horoscope. In a nutshell, when 2nd & 12th house from the Moon remain vacant in a chart, #Kemadruma Yoga is formed. It is also formed when 4th & 10th house of the Moon in a chart remain vacant. Even it is also said that if the 10th house from the ascendant in a horoscope remains empty & froms the Moon as well, that chart will be victimized by inauspicious Kemadruma Yoga. But one thing I should mention here that Rahu & Ketu are not taken into account while analyzing the presence of this yoga. *What are the evil effects of this Yoga or dosha… Generally as it is stated, a person born in this yoga is bereft of wealth. Suffers from poverty. They can’t be an independent entrepreneur. Many astrologers believe the notion…” Kemadruma Yoga is inauspicious” is a misconception. According to them, many people born in this yoga are leading a wealthy life .They are enough successful in their business. But I think “Kemadruma Yoga is inauspicious” is a misconception, it is not always true bcz #Rishi Bakya can never be wrong. Their knowledge was transcendental. Hence it can’t be ignored. There must be some reason. Here I will try to decode, why this yoga is said to be inauspicious? Actually Kemadruma Dosha relates to the 2nd & 12th house of the horoscope. 2nd house indicates wealth and 12th is the 11th of 2nd. And we all know 11th denotes profit, money transaction etc. rather to say very auspicious regarding money matter. Hence if these two houses from Moon becomes weak (According to BPHS, vacant house is weaker than house having either planet or planet’s aspect) native always gets failure in money matter . It may also indicate that native does not have pure materialistic approach regarding money matter. That’s why it is called inauspicious. But sometimes this yoga becomes weak or inactive when other strong auspicious yogas are also formed simultaneously in the same chart. In fact those auspicious yogas are nullifications /cancellations nothing else. Those nullifications are as follows… *If any strong #Rajyoga is formed simultaneously in the same chart, #Kemadruma Yoga is nullified & #Rajyoga becomes effective. *If #Venus or #Moon occupies a quadrant receive the aspect of Jupiter. *If all the planets occupy the quadrants. (“Char sagare groher mela tar kusthi koro na hela “….mentioned in Khanar Bachan.) *If in a chart #kemadruma yoga/dosha is formed in the sign of Mesha without any aspect, #Mars + #Jupiter take their position in libra & #Sun is placed in Virgo. In the name of Supreme God Acharya Vaswati
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