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5th of August 2020 has been picked for laying foundation stone of Ram mandir. The selected time is auspicious or not?

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We all know that establishment of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is a very sensitive, emotional, controversial   and old issue. And at last 5th August 2020 Wednesday Bhumi Pujan and establishment of foundation stone is going to be performed.

Anyway, let the positive & negative yogas that will be occurred on that day be discussed.

First positive Yogas…

1. Day : Supposed day is 5th August . 5th August 2020 is Wednesday. Which is fine and positive.

2. Tithi : Tithi on that day is Dwitiya . Lord of that tithi is Brahma. It is considered auspicious for executing all activities. Hence Tithi for performing activity is positive.

3. Yoga : Shobhana Yoga . Yoga is good and positive too.

4. Muhurta : Generally  for building a temple or religious monument three parts of muhurta are taken into consideration  .

a. Muhurta for digging soil.

b. Muhurat for laying founding stone .

c. Muhurat for starting construction.

Here I will only mention the muhurat of laying foundation stone. However, the auspicious foundation ceremony will be performed exactly at 12:15 pm under Abhijit Nakshatra or Abhijit Muhurta. Abhijit muhurta is said to be highly auspicious for commencement of any activities. It is only the valid and most positive point for establishment of foundation stone of Ram Temple in Ayodha.


Now negative points:

 1. Paksh : Sukla paksh is generally recommended for the establishment of deity or God. But 5th August falls in Krishna paksh. Hence it is inauspicious.

2 .Nakshatra : It is said , fixed stars are best  suited to promote strength and stability. But 5th August Bhumi pujan will be performed under Dhanistha star and end during the operation of Satabhisa star. Dhanistha and Satabhisa both are movable nakshatra, consequently extreme success cannot be expected.

3. Lunar Month: Ideal months for establishment of Devasthan are Visakha, Shravana , Margsheersha ,  Pausa and Falguna. But operating lunar month is Bhadrapad. It is not favorable.

4. Lagna : Fixed lagnas  such as Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, are auspicious for recommendation of the establishment of Devastan. But movable sign Libra has been selected. So it is not favorable. Lagna lord Venus is also badly afflicted as well in Gemini at that time. But Venus is posited in its friendly sign and 9th from the Lagna, it is a good point.

5. Moon:  Strength of waning gibbous moon (Krishna paksh , Dwitiya tithi) is moderate, but moon is in paap kartari yoga  ( hemmed between Saturn and Mars) , making it weak and unfavorable.

6. Muhurta I have mentioned above that Abhijit Muhurta is auspicious for initiate any activity but duration of the Muhurta is very short. Because from 12 : 27 pm – 12 : 54 p.m there will be Rahu kaal, which is considered as very inauspicious for commencement any activity.


Conclusion:   Obstruction, delay etc. are unavoidable. The Rest is Lord Rama’s will.


Regards Baksiddha Vaswati


5th of August 2020 has been picked for laying foundation stone of Ram mandir. The selected time is auspicious or not?
posted Jul 27, 2020 by Vaswati Baksiddha

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