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Rahu posited Vrishabha n Venus posited shihma

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Rahu posited in Vrishabha Venus posited in Shimha enemy house mean no strength. Guru posited in Venus Star poorvashada. So it's all link about finance issues up-to one year in word. Financialy No strength. U are also know 2020 -21 condition.
posted Oct 9, 2020 by Astro Nethravathi Valee Destiny

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                                                                           MARS + RAHU


Mars and Rahu conjunction in a horoscope is very inauspicious. This combination signify excessive mundane desire like lust, speculation or gambling, intoxication etc. Native born with this connection generally lead a very indiscipline and unfortunate life. But prevalence of the negativity of this yoga will depend on the strength of benefic aspects. 

But as per my opinion this yoga makes a person trend setter. 

Vaswati Baksiddha

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It's a benefic to start any work because Shani is Karmadipathi posited in Darmastana. From Shani Guru is posited in Labhastana. You start any work it will be successful. Shani is mainly benefits to Mesha Bagya, Meena work, Kumba Labha Rashi, like in Shimha, Kanya n Danasu. Why target Shani plannet always if it comes in Jataka it says you are purify now. It's purifying ourself. Why all are worried about Shani dasha n Shani planet. Regards Astrologer NETHRAVATHI VALEE Destinynethra Tarot n Meditation n Reki Trainer.
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MALAVYAYOGA: Malavya Yoga is formed when Venus is present in Kendra [ in 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house] from Ascendant in any one of the three signs namely Taurus, Libra and Pisces. In Astrology Venus is a female planet represents women, beauty, glamour, luxuries, love, romance, partner, marriage, relationships, comforts, creativity, vehicles, cinema, diplomacy, trade etc.Persons having Malavya yoga are intelligent, healthy, wealthy, charming personality and enjoys large circle of friends and fans. They are fond of sex pleasures and respected by the ruler. They are rich and prosperous in life. They have beautiful and loving partner. They possess strong sense of justice. They have good success in profession and enjoy luxuries and comforts. They get worldwide fame and name. They usually successful in fields which require beauty, charm, creativity like cinema, interior decorator, beauty products, beauty pageants, vehicles industry etc. The person will be in contact with many female in his life but this does not indicate his character is questionable. If this combination (yoga) is afflicted by malefic planets, the person will have wicked and corrupt nature.

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