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How To Accurately assess Results of Rahu & Ketu !!

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How To Accurately assess Results of Rahu & Ketu !!


(*) The Nodes of Moon- Rahu and Ketu are not physical bodies but the points of intersection of the apparent lunar and solar orbital parts Rahu is the ascending known to descending

Rahu is exalted in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio.

Rahu is the co-lord of Aquarius and Ketu is the co-lord of Scorpio. There is a second school of thought which stats that Rahu’s owns sign is Virgo and Ketu’s Pisces we can interpret this statement to mean that when Rahu is in Virgo and Ketu in Pisces the nodes will be taken to be well placed and should be disposed to give good results. 

Gemini is the moon sign of Rahu and Sagittarius of Ketu.

(*) Rahu in Taurus Gemini Virgo and Aquarius shall be considered well placed similarly Ketu in Scorpio Sagittarius and Pisces should be considered a well-placed.

This also shows that Rahu is well placed in the sign of Mercury and Ketu is happy in the sign of Jupiter. Since Ketu is like Mars and Mars and Jupiter are natural friends to each other the relationship of Ketu with Jupiter is also understandable.

(*) Rahu in Scorpio and Pisces and Ketu in Taurus and Virgo should not be considered a well-placed. Rahu will give unfavorable results in the houses owned by Jupiter and Ketu will give adverse results in the houses owned by Mercury. Here the behavior of Ketu is similar to mars since mass to give advice results in the sign of Mercury but it cannot be so said for Rahu since Saturn and Rahu are similar but Saturn gives good results in the sign of Jupiter

(*) Rahu in the 3rd, 4th  or 9th  house with aspect of a naturally beneficial planet removes all indications of adversity in the birth chart.

Rahu placed in Aries Taurus or cancer in the ascendant in a birth chart has similar effect. Ketu in the 6th or 9th house in Capricorn Aquarius and Pisces shall be beneficial.

(*) Rahu in 3rd, 5th, 9th in angular or a triangular house will give positive general signification results. The results will be negative if it is placed in 8th or 12th house without association with the aspect of a naturally beneficial planet.  Placement of Rahu in 8th and 9th house from ascendant is not always found to give it was results but it is a pointer to a possibility and should always alert the astrologer to go deeper and satisfy himself with respect to the results that Rahu may give.

(*) Any node will give results of the house that it occupies. Node will also give results of a planet with which it is associated. It is observed that node results of

i) The house that it occupies,

ii) The owner of the house that it occupies and,

iii) The planet that is associated with, or is in conjunction with. 

(*) Dispositor is the owner of sign that a planet or node occupies. The quantum of result in the period of a node will depend on the strength of the dispositor of the node. It will also depend on the strength of the planet with which the nodes, if at all, in conjunction. 

(*) The period of a planet that holds a sign from which Rahu/Ketu is placed in the 9th House will take the individual on a pilgrimage.

(*) The nature of a node will depend on the nature of the house that it occupies. Unowned occupying the 8th or 12th house is a normal circumstance unable to give good results the nature will also depend on the nature of the depositor and the conjunction that the node may have with the planet.

(*) A Node in second or seventh house is generally considered dangerous but when associated with or receiving aspect from the owner of first V or 9th house for give long life and wealth.

(*) Rahu is a marker planet for an individual born in Scorpio for Capricorn ascendant.

 (*) The location of a node in its sign of debilitation or in earth or 12th house will make it give negative general signification results. 

(*) At the time of analyzing the period of a node the analysis of its depositor should also be done.

(*) Ketu in angular or triangular house will give positive general signification results the results will be negative if it is placed in 12th house without association with or aspect of a naturally beneficial planet. 22 is placed in second or the twelfth house it may cause problems to the families of individual or may make the individual lose his Liberty in its major period. And in the case of Rahu the location of Ketu in 2nd a or 12th house may not always give adverse results but a deeper analysis of such for K2 is called for.

(*) The Nodes in their beneficial signs (exaltation, ownership, or Virgo for Rahu and Pisces for Ketu or Mooltrikon) positive general signification results in their major periods. 



Astrologer AarchKrishna



posted Mar 17, 2021 by Aarch Krishna

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Interpretation Of Planetary Transit



(1) If Saturn transits the 6th house conjunct with sun, the native will suffer illness.


(2) When Saturn for Rahu simultaneously transit along with sun in the second sign from natal moon the native will be deceived by his spouse or friends we will suffer due to his hasty decisions and during journeys.


(3) If Mars and sun transit the 6th house together the person may have a fall from high latitude.


(4) There is danger to the pregnancy of the spouse if the seventh from the natal moon is occupied by Sun, Mars, Saturn or Rahu or 5th lord or Jupiter is ill placed.


(5) If the sun transit over the natal Sun or Mars or Saturn, it results in unpleasantness with superiors, set back to business or even its closure and unfruitful journeys.


(6) When the sun transit over the natal Mercury or Jupiter, it develops intellectual interests, provides success to students, progeny and promotion in job.


(7) Transiting Sun over the natal Venus enhances chances of marriage, sexual pleasure or ill-health to spouse.



(1) Transiting Moon, if benefic, over the natal Sun or Rahu enhances prosperity in profession but for a short duration.


(2) Transiting Moon over natal Mars or Ketu causes enmity, disputes with relatives impediment in ventures and spoils public image.


(3) Transiting Moon over natal Moon, Mercury, confers prestige gain of wealth and honors.


(4) When Moon transits over natal Venus, it provides sexual enjoyment and satisfaction, luxury, materialistic goods or good friendships.


(5) When the moon transits over natal Jupiter, particularly if the Moon is weak it creates impediments in monetary matters and failure to achieve desired results.


(6) Translating moon over natal Saturn causes disputes with subordinates and failures in undertakings.



​(1) Mars and sun transit 6th house simultaneously, the native may have typhoid, high fever, eye trouble and fall from high place.


(2) Transiting Mars over natal moon causes excessive blood loss during period of menses, accidents and injuries.


(3) Transiting Mars over natal Mars results in losses due to speculation and loss of property.


(4) When Mars transit over natal Jupiter it results in promotion religious activities, success and addition in wealth.


(5) Transiting Mars over natal Venus enhances chances of marriage, increase in sexual desire emotional bliss.


(6) Mars transit over natal Saturn causes impediments in growth trouble with subordinates ill-health disgrace and dishonor.



(1) Transiting mercury over the natal sun causes intellectual development and interest in intellectual pursuits like writing of books study of new subjects.


(2) When Mercury transits over natal Mars or Saturn it results in instability of mind, mental depression, losses in business, travel abroad.


(3) When Mercury transits over natal Rahu it enhances chances of foreign travel, social recognition and its transit over Ketu results in excessive workload and physical strain.


(4) Transiting Mercury over natal Jupiter and Venus provides over all happiness good family relationship.



(1) The native gets a child when Jupiter, the lord of 5th house, the lord of ascendant and the lord of moon sign transit 5th house itself or the lord of 5th house for trying signs of these two houses transit combination of 4 planets is quite rare however even combination of three or even two planets as indicated above gives positive results provided there is no denial in the birth chart.


(2) The sign conjunction between Jupiter and Mars takes place roughly once in two years for a period of 1.5 months to 6 months depending on their speed. Conjunction of Jupiter and Mars in Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces, Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn signs are extremely productive and beneficial which is either of them becomes powerful in each of these 6 signs.


(3) If transiting Jupiter is conjunction with natal sun in an auspicious house the native gets respect, good health, money from speculative gain or lottery and gambling, good relationship with friends and government officials.


(4) Transiting Jupiter over natal moon causes good family amicability, satisfying sexual relationship, and gain from friends gain from relatives of the spouse useful journeys and chances of marriage. 


(5) Transiting Jupiter conjunct with Mars is a favorable venture for self-confidence, enthusiasm, ambition and promotion. It may cause miscarriage, abortion or accident if conjunction takes place in inauspicious houses.


(6) Jupiter transit over natal Mercury brings success in literary pursue its educational fields and examinations.


(7) Jupiter transit in the natal Jupiter or Venus is good for love affairs, romance and marriage, settlement of family disputes respect honour good fortune.


(8) Transit in Jupiter over natal Saturn leads to bad reputation, financial losses, ill health, losses in investment in share ​​markets.



(1) When Venus transits over natal sun which is strong and benefic, the native gets the grace, pleasure and praise of his elders. However, if the sun is afflicted, it bestows ill health and disgrace of superiors.


(2) When Venus transits the natal moon, it is a fortunate period for social and domestic life, pleasures of bed, company of opposite gender. It is also a good time for love and romance.


(3) If the radical moon is conjoined with Mercury or Venus the native will excel in writing, dancing, painting, acting or music the native will prosper in business in cosmetics, jewelry, textiles, perfumes and transport.


(4) When Venus transits mercury in the natal chart one prospers in business, finance, trading in cloth and gets new friends and acquaintances.


Main points of chapter 13 - TRANSIT RESULTS OF THE SATURN

(1) Transit of Saturn over the Nicholson causes trouble in professional work retrenchment dismissal, disrespect, illness of father, family disputes.


(2) When Saturn transits over the natal moon ill health, stomach problems, mental depression and anxiety gain of money and increase in wealth results.


(3) Saturn transit over natal Mars creates problems from siblings, elders persons in authority, disputes, bad reputation.


(4) Transiting Saturn conjunct with Mercury, results in a successful educational career, impediments in business activities and ill health.


(5) Saturn transit over natal Jupiter makes significant changes in life of the native. There is over all fulfillment of desire, losses tension in married life and differences with children.

Astrologer AarchKrishna


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                                                                           MARS + RAHU


Mars and Rahu conjunction in a horoscope is very inauspicious. This combination signify excessive mundane desire like lust, speculation or gambling, intoxication etc. Native born with this connection generally lead a very indiscipline and unfortunate life. But prevalence of the negativity of this yoga will depend on the strength of benefic aspects. 

But as per my opinion this yoga makes a person trend setter. 

Vaswati Baksiddha

0 votes We all must hear about the benefit of salt to remove negative energy . Consequently most of the people use free flow iodised salt which are available in market to solve their problems but a few people know that only Himalayan Rock salt has only ability to remove negative energy from our house. Kapur or camphor is also used to remove negative energy but not synthetic kapur . Only Bheemseni kapur should be used for tbat purpose.
0 votes We all must hear about the benefit of salt to remove negative energy . Consequently most of the people use free flow iodised salt which are available in market to solve their problems but a few people know that only Himalayan Rock salt has only ability to remove negative energy from our house.
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