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Whenever we see any horoscope with lots of Dhana yoga or Raja yoga ,still we see the person is in tug of war with life ,struggling, in depression and so and so, then what is the reason where his/her Raja yoga fails ??? We all are aware of the 9 planets and 27 constellations ,but apart from these there are also some Non Luminous Upagrahas which indirectly has a strong impact on one's life, on the basis of where they are placed in one's horro. The various non luminous Upagrahas are ,THEY ALL ARE HIGHLY MALEFIC AND WORKS GOOD ONLY IN SPECIFIC HOUSES and they greatly tends to reduce the auspiciousness of one's horoscope :- -
posted Mar 20, 2021 by anonymous

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That true some time ran yoga never gives postive vibes
Apart from these non luminous planets there are many more reasons. We often see the rajayoga but rarely go for calculating its strength and metri chakra and balabal gyanam. First strength of karaka grah must be calculated and then only a yoga can be predicted clearly.

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                                      HARMFUL EFFECTS OF VASTU DOSHA  

Direction North 

• If there is any cut or extension in the  construction.

• Having a kitchen in the north direction.

• Location of bathroom or toilet of the house in the north.

• Or dump of wastages

are visible in the North direction of the house, major Vastu dosha is formed.    



Effects of Vastu doshas in North direction….

• Lack of adequate finances.

• Unexpected increase of expences. 

• Loans or poverty.

• Impact on overall economic situation. 


 Direction South 

 If the Placement of

• The dining hall, 

• Septic tank or Sewage disposal Plant

are in the Southern direction of the house, Vastu dosha is formed.


Effects of Vastu Dosha in Southern direction….

• Legal disputes. Lack of fame,

• Loss of work. 

• Eye related problems for the residents.


 Direction East

If the placement of

• Bathroom, Stairs, Kitchen,

• high -rise walls ,Dump of garbage

• Or any cut or extension in the construction

In the Eastern direction of the house it can cause a potential vastu defect. 


Effects of Vastu Dosha in Eastern Direction….

• Difficulty in getting recognition.

• Any type of health issue.

• Strained relationship.


 Direction West


• Big windows, Electric Motors, Well ,Pit

• Or any unwanted extension or cut in the construction

 in the Western part of the house, a potential Vastu Dosha is formed. 


Effect of Western directional Vastu Dosha…..


• Suffering from chest disease.

• Poverty to residents.

• Extreme suffering & despair of the youngest daughter of the house.


                                  To be continue……..




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