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 Death is God’s will. It is eternal truth. We the mere human being can’t predict the exact time of death and there is no particular death line.  But there are some lines & signs mentioned in palmistry that strongly indicate the possibilities of severe health hazard, accident and even death.

Now in this article I will try discuss about a few of them which indicates sudden death in pandemic. 


If heart line runs towards Jupiter mount via Saturn mount cutting by several vertical lines, at the lower part of sun mount.

If Jupiter and Moon mount are low, less prominent with more than one inauspicious signs as black dot, grill, island etc.

If a line with black dot, island, grill etc. raising from life line enters into Jupiter mount.

If Sun & Mars mount are undeveloped, low and more than one inauspicious signs are visible on those area along with.

Note :  I should add here that those inauspicious signs must be in both hands. The effectiveness of those signs and lines will vary on the color and textures of the palm.

 Moreover the line & sign of the palm change by one’s own deed.

In the name of god



posted May 21, 2021 by Vaswati Baksiddha

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Causes of DEATH in Astrology

Notes for advance level


Some specific observations about  death happens in dasha periods of following: 

1) - Waning Moon in 8th aspected by strong Saturn causes death due to disease of anus or eye after an operation.

2) - Waning moon aspected by Mars in strength and Saturn in 8th causes death from hernia, piles and kidney disease after and operation.

3) - Moon or Jupiter in a watery sign in 8th aspected by a malefic planet causes death due to consumption. 

4) - Venus in 8th aspected by a malefic cause death due to rheumatism, consumption for diabetes.

5) - Rahu in 8th aspected by a malefic cause death due to an injury or boil.

6) - Sun in 10th, Mars in 4th or vice versa or together in fourth or 10th cause death on account of fall from a vehicle.

7) - Lagnesh in 8th causes death in it's main period/sub period and death is prolonged and painful.

8) - If 8th lord is in 11th and sun conjoins Mars, death occurs in sub period of sun in the main period of lagnesh.



Astrologer AarchKrishna


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Some signs in palmistry those signify the people who should be avoided.

Today I will let you know about some Signs on the palm which are generally found in a speculator's hand.

1. Head line will be descended towards the lunar mount.

2. Broader lunar mount.

3. The height of the middle and index finger is almost the same.

4. Fingers are short and smooth.

5. Soft and smooth palms.

6. There will be a distinct cross sign on the mount of Mars.

7. Heart line will be cut by many vertical lines.

Now let's understand the matter with a few letters in the hand drawn below.

A. Descended head line towards the lunar mount.

B. Broader lunar mount.

C. The height of the middle & index fingers is about the same.

D. A distinct cross is in the mount of Mars.

E. Multiple vertical lines are on the heart line.

I would mention here that i have already mentioned about the texture of the hand in the point no 4 & 5.but colour and type of the hand also have to be seen as well.

In the name of God


<img alt="

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Drunkard's signs in palmistry. Drinking is a very severe disease. It can ruin a good family life, financial status, name - fame everything. There are some signs in palmistry which are clearly visible in a drunkard's palm. In my today's post i will share with you some of them. 1. Many black dots or spots on Brain line. 2. A prominent star or asterix on lunar mount. 3.Deep reddish Marshall line with many branches. 4. A star on the mount of Ketu (dragon's tail) in the triangle zone of palm. In the name of God ACHRIYA VASWATI
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Signs of failure in the case of financial credit in Palmistry 

 Today I will let you know about some 

 Signs on the palm which indicate failure in the case of financial credit. if you have all these marks on your hands, think twice before lending to anyone.

Let's start. ...

 1. The heart line will be almost broken.  Sometimes it will be broken on the mount of Saturn or sometimes on the mount Sun. Or cross marks will be seen in all those areas.

 2. The line of destiny will be broken or severed.

 3.There will be deep cut marks on the line of destiny.

 4.There will be black dots on the heart line or fate line.

 5. the mount of Venus will be undeveloped   and many cut marks or cross marks can be seen in it.

 6. Worry lines will be cross the line of destiny.

 7. Head line will be descend towards the lunar mount. I will mention here that this point is the most important.


1.Along with those signs the texture of the hands must be seen also. 

2. We must analyze both  the right and left hands.

In the name of God 

Baksiddha Vaswati

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