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Tripada dosha


Death is the ultimate truth. We all have to accept it. But when this ultimate truth comes in an inauspicious moment ( Muhurta ) it occurs dosha.


There are three types of death related doshas.


1. Tithi Dosha


2. Nakshatra Dosha


3. Vaara/Day Dosha


Those are called Tripada Dosha.




Dwitiya, Panchmi, Shasthi, Ashtami, Ekadashi, Dwadasi, Trayodashi , Chaturdasi,  & Amavasya tithies are inauspicious for death, if somethione dies in these thithi, Trithi dosha occurs.


2. #Nakshatra Dosha


Nakshatra dosha occurs If a person dies under certain inauspicious nakshatras. Those inauspicious stars are Rohini, Mrigasira,  Punarvasu, Magha, Uttara Phalguni, Chitra, Vishakha , Uttarashada, Dhanishta, Satabhisha, Purvabhadra, Revathi.


3. #Vaara / Day Dosha


Sunday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday are considered as inauspicious for death. If a person dies in those days Vaara Dosha occurs.


If death occurs with only one dosha regarding ( Day / Tithi / Nakshatra ) it cis called #Ekpadadosha.


If death occurs with two dosha regarding ( Day / tithi / Nakshatra ) it is called #Dwipadadosha.


If death occurs with two dosha regarding ( Day / Tithi ? Nakshatra ), it is called #Tripadadosha.


Some Smritis offer the following Parihara.


If a death has only one dosha the family members should leave the house for 1 month.


If a death has two doshas the family members should leave the house for 6 months.


If a death has all the three types of doshams the family members should leave the house for 1 year.


I think this type of  recommendation is given bcz of the fear of frequent death within one or six  month or within a year.


But these are just impractical now a days and it cann’t be followed.


So other Pariharas  should be followed to nullify Tripada Dosha which are easy and convenient.


1. #THILAHOMA : a simple tila homa can be performed in any river or seaside or in a holy places like Gaya, Kashi,Triveny Sangam, Rameshawaram, SrirangamAmma Mandapam etc. to dispel the evil effects of Tripad Dosha.


2. #PITRUTARPANPUJA (Shraddha Pooja) : Pitru tarpan puja needs to be done at home  with 5 dolls made of Darbha (Kusha Grass) & White Cotton. Prana Prathistapana ritual (infuse life in the Dolls) ceremony of the 5 dolls needs to be performed. After Pooja, these 5 dolls should be buried in sand or mud near River or Sea shore.


3. Perform #Rudrabhisheka at home & offer food to ancestors.


4. Other regular shanti puja such as #NakshatraShanti pooja & #NavagrahaShanti Pooja can be done also to nullify the evil affect of dosha.


5. Perform #Mahamrityunjaya Homa/Japa  at  home  after the above pooja’s are done.


6. Visit #Gokarna  or other Pitru Parihara Sthalas and offer Sraddha.


All these recommended pariharas must be performed by a qualified and honest purohit.




Tripada dosha
posted Jul 2, 2021 by Vaswati Baksiddha

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                                      HARMFUL EFFECTS OF VASTU DOSHA  

Direction North 

• If there is any cut or extension in the  construction.

• Having a kitchen in the north direction.

• Location of bathroom or toilet of the house in the north.

• Or dump of wastages

are visible in the North direction of the house, major Vastu dosha is formed.    



Effects of Vastu doshas in North direction….

• Lack of adequate finances.

• Unexpected increase of expences. 

• Loans or poverty.

• Impact on overall economic situation. 


 Direction South 

 If the Placement of

• The dining hall, 

• Septic tank or Sewage disposal Plant

are in the Southern direction of the house, Vastu dosha is formed.


Effects of Vastu Dosha in Southern direction….

• Legal disputes. Lack of fame,

• Loss of work. 

• Eye related problems for the residents.


 Direction East

If the placement of

• Bathroom, Stairs, Kitchen,

• high -rise walls ,Dump of garbage

• Or any cut or extension in the construction

In the Eastern direction of the house it can cause a potential vastu defect. 


Effects of Vastu Dosha in Eastern Direction….

• Difficulty in getting recognition.

• Any type of health issue.

• Strained relationship.


 Direction West


• Big windows, Electric Motors, Well ,Pit

• Or any unwanted extension or cut in the construction

 in the Western part of the house, a potential Vastu Dosha is formed. 


Effect of Western directional Vastu Dosha…..


• Suffering from chest disease.

• Poverty to residents.

• Extreme suffering & despair of the youngest daughter of the house.


                                  To be continue……..




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