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Key planet, the most important factor, often ignored

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what is a key planet and why is it so important? Key planet or dominating planet will define your personality. The major themes of your life will run around that planet. A dominant planet will express in multiple ways. Obvious ones are- 1- Many planets will be present in the sign of that planet Let's say a person has 3,4 or 5 planets in 1 house. The lord of that house gains prominence in the kundali Moon Me Sun in Aries then Mars gains importance. 2- Influence on Lagna If Lagna Nakshtra & lagna lord belong to same planet then that planet is important Example - Ascendant in Hasta Nak, Virgo. Me placed in Cancer or Moon placed in 1H Here Moon has a lot of influence on Lagna thus person will see heavy Moon attributes. - Many planets in Nak of same planet Sun in Ashwini, Mo in Mula & Me in Magha. All ketu ruled Person will see major themes of Ketu & events happening in Ke dasha This will happen for planets in trines ie 1-5-9 position. Here that trikon(Moksha, Artha etc) will also dominate.
posted Jul 15, 2021 by Brajesh Singh

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The Star Moon is liked by all the beings in the Universe because of itd beauty and pleasentness. The Moon plays an important role in Jyothisha Shastra to established the panchanga by considering the Sun as an another parameter. The Panchanga plays vital role in society to lead a constructive life. If the Moon placement in the horoscope is not positive, leads to disturbed life to the native. As per our Great Sages some of the parameter where the Moon involvement leads to prevent the continuation of lineage i.e SANTHAANA are mentioned in the classical texts are as follows 1. 4th bhava occupied by malefics planet, 5th lord associated with the planet Saturn, malefic planet at 12th bhava, 2. When Moon debiliated and with ashubha karthari yoga as a 5th lord, 4th and 5th bhava occupied by malefic planet, 3. The Moon posited either in 5th or 9th bhava also 5th lord associated with planets Satutn, Rahu and Mars, 4. The Moon and 4th lord posited at trik sthhaana's i.e 6 or 8 or 12th bhava also 8th lord at 5th bhava and 5th lord at 8th bhava. Presence of the above parameter in the horoscopes considered as a MATRU SHAPA which interrupt the continuation of lineage. By perform the remedies on right time by consulting right astrologer gives the relax and relief to the native. JAI SRI GANGAA MATHAJI JAI GOWMATHAA
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