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In this God's Universe, the shelter taken by all created beings by the creator Brahma under the umbrella of ADI PARAMA PURUSHA NARAYANA ponder ofcontinuation of their LINEAGE to serve the Supreme Personslity in a destined manner. Humans, leads a family life think of continue their lineage by organising ceremony as per their tradition so called Marriage, where Male & Female take a oath of continue their tradtion, decided by the elderly members of both the families by considering views of all the mrmbers of family. In some family elderly Members will decides. Now in this modern days scenoria is diffrent. The important process most of the tradition families decides the association i.e marriage by Matching Horoscope of the bridegroom & bride. The objective of this process is to know the continustion of their lineage. The planet Jupiter is KARAKA for the children ad per the Jyothishha/Astrology. The Jupiter good placement in the Horoscope indicating the on-time progeny. The other parameter supported are 5th lord from Jupiter well placed i.e either trikona or kona associated with benefic planet signifying the same results. When 5th lord from Jupiter, is afflicted with malefics or posited in 6th or 8th or 12th from Jupiter indicating the trails & tribulations to continue their lineage. As per the traditional texts some of the Dosha's identified based on the placement & association of planets are Pitrushapa, Matrushapa, Shatrukruthashapa, Devashapa, Sharpashapa, Brahmashapa & Prethashapa. The affiction of Sun,Moon,Mars,5th lord, 5th lord associated with Rahu/Ketu, 9th lord and KrishnaPaksha Chandra associated with Sun or Saturn indicates Pitrushapa, Matrushapa, Shatrukruthashapa, Devashapa, Sharpashapa, Brahmashapa & Prethashapa respectively. JAI SANTHANA GOPALA KRISHNA


posted Oct 1, 2021 by Rajendraprasad N P Chaitanya

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All Human beings in the universe knows the SUN is the PRATHYAKASHA DEVATHA. When the Sun in any horoscope afflicted signaling the doshha, which leads to childlessness. As per the Astrological classical texts some of parameters mentioned for childlessness by the Sun are as follows 1. When the Sun debiliated at 5th bhava with Shani Amsa along with paapa karthari yoga. 2. When the Sun become 5th lord, malefic planets posited at 5th & 9th bhava from the Lagna or either of the houses are in paapa karthari yoga or aspected by malefic planets. 3.When Mars become 9th lord associated with 5th lord, also malefics posited at Lagna, 5th and 9th bhava from lagna. 4. From Lagna the Sun posited at 8th, Saturn at 5th, malefics in Lagna and 5th lord associated with Rahu. 5. When 5th lord associated with Saturn, malefics at 9th House and Mandi in either 5th or 9th bhava. The above parameters indicating "PITRUSHAPA" in the horoscope. By consulting the Astrologer one can find the solution. JAI SURYA NARAYANO NAMO NAMAHA
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According to Classical texts The Mars represents young appearance, changing attitude, strength, successness in land, courageous, blood related. Enemies, veerya, doing bad things etc,. When planet Mars posited at 5th bhava or Mars associated with 6th lord without benefics aspect the classical text indicates the childlessness due to enemies involvement in evil deed. When it indicating in horoscope one need to rectified by doing Homa/Japa/Holydip etc, by taking the information astrologer. As per classical texts 5th Bhava/5th Lord called as SANTHAANA Bhava/ SANTHAANADHIPATHI i.e Putra/Putri or progeny. When 5th Lord posited in 5th house without aspect of benefic planets or aspect by malefic planets indicating childlessness due to curse from the invisible energy as per the classical texts. JAI SUDARSHANAYA NAMAHA JAI KULADEVATHAYA NAMAHA
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The Star Moon is liked by all the beings in the Universe because of itd beauty and pleasentness. The Moon plays an important role in Jyothisha Shastra to established the panchanga by considering the Sun as an another parameter. The Panchanga plays vital role in society to lead a constructive life. If the Moon placement in the horoscope is not positive, leads to disturbed life to the native. As per our Great Sages some of the parameter where the Moon involvement leads to prevent the continuation of lineage i.e SANTHAANA are mentioned in the classical texts are as follows 1. 4th bhava occupied by malefics planet, 5th lord associated with the planet Saturn, malefic planet at 12th bhava, 2. When Moon debiliated and with ashubha karthari yoga as a 5th lord, 4th and 5th bhava occupied by malefic planet, 3. The Moon posited either in 5th or 9th bhava also 5th lord associated with planets Satutn, Rahu and Mars, 4. The Moon and 4th lord posited at trik sthhaana's i.e 6 or 8 or 12th bhava also 8th lord at 5th bhava and 5th lord at 8th bhava. Presence of the above parameter in the horoscopes considered as a MATRU SHAPA which interrupt the continuation of lineage. By perform the remedies on right time by consulting right astrologer gives the relax and relief to the native. JAI SRI GANGAA MATHAJI JAI GOWMATHAA
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These days i am flooded with queries " What is my purpose of life ?" plz see astrologically...

As per Vedic Sastras there is very clear statement - Human birth has only and only ONE purpose, to attain Moksha by reaching the stage of Atmagyani then Bhramgyani then Moksha.....

Horoscope only forsees strength, weakness, in certain areas as well as oppurtunites and failures... We can only suggest to make improvement on weaker section of life ... suggest alternate paths in help them to evolve to higher level of understanding, at mental level and spiritually...

As per Vedic astrology one can see 'Purpose of life' through status of three planets, status of Ascendent lord, Atmakarak planet and position of Jupiter as jupiter is karak of sense of purpose or Jeeva Karak..

"Life Lessons" are seen from status three planets : Rahu, Ketu and Saturn and as well as 6th and 8th lord......What one has to bear in life, where one has to have new experiences... and learn more to evolve.....

Sun and Moon is soul and body; whereas remaining planets Mars, Mer, Venus is resources either for purpose or for life lessons...Just a thought....


Best Wishes

Vijay Goel

Vedic astrologer and Vastukar.

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