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Character and personality

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If you are interested to know what is your responsibility for any organisation, family, country, society. First remember you can be great asset for your society. Character and personality should have some quality 1. Don't speak lie 2. Honesty is best policy 3. Self-respect value yourself 4. Always respect parents and teachers 5. Be solution provider 6. Don't try to grab money by illigal way 7. Hardwork is key of success 8. Knowledge, skill, education ,learning is best freind 9. Don't waste time, money 10. Trust building, best way to reach high position 11. Plan your career with help of experienced entrepreneurs and consultant 12. Self realisation is very important 13. Yoga.meditation , vedic astrology , psychology experts helpful 14. Passionate about your goal Have verified experts , talking with them gives you vision of life


Expert consultant verified by futurestudyonline
posted Oct 4, 2021 by Rakesh Periwal

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