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A Request to my callers.

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This is a suggestion to my those callers, who are getting incomplete suggestions from me. Please select that time when you are absolutely free. And recharge sufficient amount to continue conversation. Actually as a wellwisher i wanna give best suggestion to you. And for that purpose minimum time is needed to check entire horoscope. Pls call me again if our conversation remains incomplete. God bless you


A Request to my callers
posted Nov 20, 2021 by anonymous

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Today I want to share some guidelines to my those callers, who are calling me frequently . I hope these guideines will help them to make their attempts of calling successful. The guidelines are as follows: 1. First of all pls select your question in advance rather before calling. 2. Wait till i am reading your chart.. 3. Pls give me minimum time to read your chart. Horoscope reading is not a very simple matter. We have to give our opinion only after observing different parts of a chart as dasha , transit, divisional charts etc.And that is not possible in a hurry. 4. Moreover, there is an option in future study app that is "ASK A QUESTION " In this section you can write or ask a question to me spending only 200 hundred rupees. I will give you a written prediction there. Hence personally I & our group of astrologers of future study online app are 24×7 ready to solve your any types of problems . Pls call me without hesitation after following the said guidelines. am always ready to solve any of your problems. Thank you very much. VASWATI BAKSIDDHA My Future Study Code (FS-140)
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I understand you are facing many problem in your day to day life you are not happy with your health you are mental situation is not well the and main thing you are not able to concentrate about your dream project your success is looking your hard work and your regular affairs but you are thinking so much and not continuous on one systematic work project you are only reason for your failure for your varanus for your concern and what you do you can do Better keep busy with good friends also with good teachers and mentors guru consultant so you will always motivated and work on the right place 100% guarantee that no body I can beat you you will be winner use future study online expert consultation and coaching on phone on video call thank you
Dear friends, futurestudyonline given book now button (unlimited call)24x7 works , that means you can talk until your satisfaction , also you will get 3000/- value horoscope free with book now